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Extending capabilities of existing SharePoint 2007 Web Parts by inheriting and alter

The first and only web part in this .wsp file is a Content Query Web Part with a single enhancement, there is a tool part field for CAML filter.

The Content Query Web Part does not have very good facilities for filtering or sorting content, especially if you are using a custom list.

The idea here was to inherit from an existing web part and alter it.

Additional info:
If you use this web part you will want to get CAML Query Builder to make it easy to create your CAML query for filtering and sorting. The method I used was to create a custom list with two fields;

SortOrder integer
Dashboard boolean

Then I created a CAML Query like this (note do not use the <query> elements:

<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name="Dashboard" /><Value Type="Boolean">1</Value></Eq></Where><OrderBy><FieldRef Name="Priority" Ascending="True" /></OrderBy>

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